Walkway Paving - Entrance Paving

Walkway and Entrance paving - The type of paving material you choose for your walkway, whether it is for your house or garden, can mean the difference between a house looking fabulous and one looking mediocre. When deciding which walkway paving material to use you should think of things like appearance, durability, availability, maintenance and cost. This article lists a few paving materials you might want to consider when paving your walkway.

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Walkway Paving, which is best for you?

Brick Walkway Paving.

Brick has been used as a paving material for many years. It is considered to be a more formal type of paving and is laid out in patterns like herringbone or basket weave. Bricks should be laid on a mixture of sand and dry concrete which allows it to be flexible when the ground contracts or swells.
When purchasing bricks they are usually priced per square meter.

Cobblestone Walkway Paving

Cobblestones give a walkway a rustic feel and wear extremely well. The walkways paved with cobblestones around the world have carried foot and vehicle traffic splendidly. Their finish is either split or sawn which makes it a non-skid surface. Cobblestones come in different sizes; 4″ x 4″ x 4″ cubes or 4″ x 4″ x 8″ rectangles. This type of paving material is more expensive than other materials and may be more difficult to find than other types.

Stone Walkway Pavers

Stone pavers come in slabs of blue stone, flag stone and individual stepping stones. Blue stone is a type of sand stone, is a bluish-greenish and brownish colour and is sold in square or rectangular shapes. The larger the stone, the thicker it is to prevent cracking. Flag stone is sold in smaller sizes, but comes in a wider variety of colours ranging from purple to gray, to brown to green.