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Boss Paving Cape Town is your paving specialists in the Western Cape providing quality paving to South Africa for over 30 years. With our lifetime guarantee you can rest assured of the best quality and service.

Only proven materials along with the highest industry standards are used. We realize that every installation is a reflection of our image as well as that of our clients. With over 50,000 quality paving installations already completed in South Africa, we are proud to list each and every one as an example of our work and we look forward to the challenges and rewards of the next 50,000.

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Hi Vivian I would like to place on record that I would recommend your company for the highest ‘award for excellence’. I have rarely seen such efficiency levels from a workforce. Your service from quotation to job completion is unsurpassed. Please pass on thanks to Jeffery, Edmond and his hard working team. Regards Bernadette Nolan

Bernadette Nolan

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Paving Cape Town

Beautiful yards around a home in Cape Town are not made up of just flora and fauna. Other elements can come into play and make a difference in the look and the function of those spaces. Here are some examples of how to use Paving as a way to make a good landscape even better.

Start With Driveway Paving in Cape Town

Some sort of paving for the driveway makes a lot of sense. Most options help to provide a smooth surface that is capable of supporting the weight of the vehicle. It helps if the driveway paving is also treated to help reduce the potential for skidding when it is raining.

Choosing to seal the concrete or asphalt used for the driveway will preserve the appearance and protect it from problems like oil leaks and other things that could mar the look.

Walkway Paving in the Garden

When much of the back yard is transformed into a flower garden, it pays to consider the idea of adding Brick Paving as a means of creating walkways through those beds. Even when the ground is wet, those walkways will make it easy to get to different areas of the garden and manage tasks like weeding and hoeing. Considering having all those paths lead to a central area that can be used for sitting outside and enjoying all those seasonal blooms.

Creating a Patio with paving in Cape Town

This simple addition to the back of the home can become a great way to create living space outdoors. Consider going with brick for the patio paving and seal it to protect the look of the brick. There is always the option of making an outdoor rug for the space as a way to create living and dining spaces on the patio. Install a retractable awning and the space can be used for most of the year with ease.

Improving the Look of the Pool Area with pavers

Since the property did come with a backyard pool, why not enhance the look with some pool paving? Choose materials that will help create space for lounges and chairs along the sides of the pool. Doing so will allow family members to have the perfect spots for sun bathing.

For more tips on using paving around the house, speak with a contractor today. Several of those ideas will make the landscaping more functional as well as beautiful.