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Every type of industry including commercial, residential and industrial relies on paving to enhance the overall appearance of their businesses and properties, by means of commercial paving, industrial paving and residential paving.

Unlike years gone by, the paving techniques have modernised to such an extent that it now plays a critical role in creating an attractive living and working environment.

A lot of industries choose to install quality concrete paving at their properties because of its durability and low maintenance level. The industrial sector has also chosen concrete paving as their desired material for industrial paving as it easily handles heavy traffic such as trucks and cranes. Because concrete paving doesn’t require a lot of maintenance it is also the most economical choice of industrial paving.

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Industrial Paving Installation

Installing industrial paving is equally important as choosing the right paver. It is very important to get a contractor who has experience in installing the pavers selected for the specific project. A professional contractor will ensure that:

  • The sub-grade is well drained and compacted;
  • A well graded bedding sand is used, ideally river sand that is somewhat moist when the pavers are laid;
  • The base course is made of the correct materials and that it is well compacted;
  • The correct method of grouting is used for the application; a paving method for flatter areas or for steeped areas.

Maintaining Concrete Industrial Paving

Always remember that concrete paving is very porous and can absorb various substances easily. Therefore be carefully of spilling oil, grease, plaster, concrete, cement powder, clay, paint or harsh chemicals. When cleaning the concrete paving steer clear from using high pressure cleaning equipment as it may damage the pavers and the grouting.

If however the paving does get stained, use the following cleaning techniques for various stains:

Oil, grease and clay

Sweep away dry excess and clean with soap, water and a brush. Rinse afterwards.

Cement powder

Only brush or sweep it off. Do not clean it with water as it will create a cement mixture that will harden and bond with the paving.

Paint marks

It is wise to get the help of a professional to get rid of paint marks on concrete paving.

In order to keep paving clean, consumers should regularly sweep and hose the paving to keep it clean from build-up debris, dust and grime. It is also advisable to fill the spaces between pavers with plaster sand once a year. This will prevent the paving from shifting and keep it rigid.

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