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High quality paving professionally installed adds to the appeal of your home not to mention the lower maintenance brick paving requires. So whether you decide to get driveway, pathways, pool, garden or patio paving done it will increase the value of your home to potential buyers in the future.

There is a wide range of paving solutions to suit every home

Brick paving comes in a wide range of styles and can be adjusted and designed to suit your look and feel.


Hi Vivian I would like to place on record that I would recommend your company for the highest ‘award for excellence’. I have rarely seen such efficiency levels from a workforce. Your service from quotation to job completion is unsurpassed. Please pass on thanks to Jeffery, Edmond and his hard working team. Regards Bernadette Nolan

Bernadette Nolan

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Cobble brick paving

Cobble brick paving is an option used when you are working with a low budget. This type of paving is also referred to as broken brick paving and looks very attractive when used in circular patterns. You would have seen this type of paving many times before. Cobble brick paving is highly suitable for driveways, carports, garden pathways or when you are paving an entertainment area.

Cement brick paving

Cement brick paving is more expensive but here you can choose between different colours including grey, charcoal, multi-blend, plum, tan and brown. This type of paving is manufactured as whole bricks and gives a more modern look.

Clay brick paving

This type of paving is also known as “classic” paving. Clay brick paving is available in a wide range of colours which include Cederburg, Tuscan Blend, Burgandy and Champagne. The types of pavers can be laid in multiple different styles and is up to your imagination. Clay brick paving is suitable for the paving of driveways, car ports, and entertainment areas and looks very elegant around swimming pools.

Simulated stone paving

Simulated stone paving is a modern style paving brick. Simulated stone paving is available in a range of colours and size of paving stone. While simulated paving is ideal for use in the garden, on a patio or entertainment area as well as to use around a swimming pool, it not recommend it for use on a driveway or high vehicle traffic area.