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Patios are a wonderful outdoor living space that can be designed in multiple ways to suit many different needs. The patio can be used as a small, outdoor living area or as an entertainment/BBQ area to entertain friends and family. When designing your patio there are various choices to make including the patio paving pattern, the paving material to be used, the shapes of the paver, the colour and the desired finish.

Traditionally there are three paving patterns for brick, concrete and stone paver, but read through some of the patterns and decide which one you like best.

This information below enlists some of the most popular patio paving patterns used. Or contact the Paving Specialist, Boss Paving for expert advice.


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Pool Patio Paving

Patio Paving Patterns

Herringbone Pattern

With this paving pattern each sequence of brick, concrete or stone is laid at a 45 or 90 degree angle. With each section the angle rotates direction. The Herringbone Pattern provides great interlock between the pavers and is one of the most commonly used paving patterns for patios.

Circle Design

Although this is a popular design it might be challenging to install, especially creating the curves.

Random Design

This paving pattern is used for patios, walkways and drive ways. The design utilises four different sized pavers in one application creating that bold effect.

Basket Weave Pattern

This pattern is also known as the checkerboard pattern because of the way the pavers are laid, either level or on an angle. This type of paving pattern attracts attention, but is easy to install. It is also one of the most popular patterns.

Running & Stack Bond Pattern

In a Running Bond pattern each course of pavers alternate and vary opposed to the bricks being stacked exactly on top of each other as is the case in a Stack Bond pattern. The Running Bond is often used for an outdoor patio whereas as the Stack Bond is used in areas that carry a lot of foot traffic such as a walkway.